Solidara App – 001

1. define clear objectives

    • Step 1 – App for Small Circle Self-Use
    • This app is not sold.
    • Further steps always according to existing monthly fixed budget.
    • Long-term goal: Social media platform that can answer questions from the (contribution-paying) community largely automatically.

2. optimise API use

Also, using the ChatGPT developer sandbox already requires tokens for queries.

ChatGPT says about this:

    • When using the API, including the sandbox environment, the number of tokens used for each query is counted. Tokens are the units in which text is divided into billing units.
    • It is important to note that the token count may vary depending on the length and complexity of the text. Both input and output texts are counted in tokens. To make sure you are keeping track of your token count and controlling costs, you can check the token count information provided in the API response.
    • Before you go into production, you should familiarise yourself with the exact pricing information and billing structure to ensure you can manage your budget effectively.

In a new developer account, there is a small free budget to use for the first 3 months.

    • The developer preferably sets up their own account to use this budget.
    • Only short standard questions are asked for the development to beta test, e.g.
      • List 2 Keywords in marketing
    • This limits the answer returned to a few characters in ChatGPT:
      1. Success
      2. Quality
    • and only GPT3.5 is used initially (ChatGPT).

3. cost control

We already build the cost control into the first version of the app and first store the answers automatically on in WordPress (private access). 

This makes it possible to test each procedure in successive queries and add up the costs for different ways. 

We can always optimise further with this approach and reduce the costs.

4. prioritise basic functions

The first version contains only

    • Input and output as on the right in the free ChatGPT
    • Display of used tokens with conversion to euros
    • Setting and managing a budget for queries per user

First extension:

    • saving the info on Informatoo

5. Open Source and Tools

We will not use open source sources where use for commercial apps is not permitted.

Our own sources will not be released as open source, but only for use by development partners in

6. start small

We will start with the one Flutter developer from Nepal with whom I have already worked remotely and implemented small modules.

If we have more budget, we will then call for tenders for further modules for a few hundred euros each and put them out to tender at fixed prices to various developers. 

I use the first version of the app to create a first small course on “Reversing Unprofitable Investments” and offer it in text form for a price between €1 and €9.95 (A/B tests). 

As an upsell to this, there is a monthly subscription for the premium membership in our “Investor Network”, in which the individual topics are dealt with in more detail. 

The first month is free, after that it costs €29.90 per month with a monthly cancellation option. This gives me one month to create the content for the next month.

If necessary, we then go out into the community and look for people in Digital Nomads groups who can produce videos in return for payment or a share in the upsell proceeds.

7. Beta-Testing

In the beta test, I alone am using the tool to optimise the procedure for creating courses.

We will bring in other selected colleagues if they contribute to covering the costs.

8. minimalist design

Initially, the few functions and the use of Flutter will make this happen on their own. Then, together with the first partners, I develop this further as a specification for the individual building blocks on which we build the tenders.

9. DIY development

I will absolutely avoid that as far as it is somehow possible. I will concentrate on the architecture alone, but regularly look at the code and check that it remains modular and is created according to my specifications.

In the first version, however, the focus will be on completing it as quickly as possible. The architecture will then be upgraded if necessary.

10. use free resources

There is already a standard library in the Flutter community that we will use, the chat_gpt_sdk.

This is maintained by the community and is subject to the MIT licence, which allows commercial use.

We just have to point out that there are no guarantees or possibilities to claim damages – as with any software.

11. financing options

I think we should also start a first crowdfunding campaign for the extensions before Christmas, if possible, without publicly revealing the long-term goal. Those who donate money will be brought into the community and they can vote on which functions will be implemented and with what priority.

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